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Help Tabeo

Once upon a time, there was a very famous and prepotent flamingo called Tabeo.
Tabeo said he was able to stand up longer than any other flamingo.

One day a sorcerer tired of this nonsense cursed him to go insane if he fell to two tiki skulls who where watching around.

But Tabeo was in love with a very cute magician flamingo, she was not able to break the curse but she offered him a wide variety of magic hats to make the curse more bearable.

Go as far as you can

Difficulty will increase as time goes on, so prepare your fingers and tap left and right repeatedly to help Tabeo stand up.

Avoid the Tiki skulls

The Tiki skulls are your worst enemy, they just want to drive you crazy!

Luckily Tabeo's girlfriend is helping you by adding more Ucas to your wallet if you're close to them, but please be careful because if you're too close, you will fail.

Collect all the hats

The hats are an essential part of Tabeo's life from now on, you can use them to make Tabeo's life easier... or harder, will see.

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