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Fast fingers

FINGERIT is an arcade game based on the perception and the speed of the player in which he will have to pay attention to the screen to remove the white circles. Be careful with the black ones! If you touch them you’ll lose.

Every time you pass a round you’ll be rewarded with a few extra valuable seconds, but be aware, because time is against you.

Go as far as you can

Difficulty will increase as you pass rounds and you’ll have less time, so prepare your fingers to touch, slide and avoid as fast as you can and become the best player of FINGERIT.The clean and colorful visual style helps you to focus simply on playing. Even the animations follow the rhythm of the music!

A new gamemode

Try the new mode and do 20 rounds against time! Can you get the three new achievements?

Play everywhere

Play quick matches with your friends to see who goes further or move your fingers while you wait for the bus. A light and enjoyable game that will be there every time you are bored.

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